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Got questions? We've got answers!

  • Is it cheaper to repair my slide floor, or should I just sell or trade my RV?"
    Consider this, would you give top dollar for an RV that has a roten slide floor? Neither will anyone else! So why not fix that slide out for a fraction of what a dealership would charge, plus enjoy the trailer you have always loved.
  • Should I replace my RV roof with the traditional rubber like it came with, or should I go to a liquid rubber roll-on roof?"
    Was your RV built using the highest quality products to begin with? You thought it was, for 50k, but soon learned otherwise. So why not go back with a better quality RV roof that is HALF the price, and get up to a 50 year warranty on some products!
  • What roofing product do you use?
    We are thrilled to offer our newest RV roofing product, Scorpion. It has a lifetime warranty, is applied straight to the deck of your trailer, and can be applied in as little as two days, so you can spend as much time camping as possible. It comes in almost every color you can think of, so why not customize your roofing color to match your rig?
  • What flooring product do you use?
    We use Adventech! We feel if we are to repair a slide floor that was built with a cheap OSB or even a non-marine grade plywood that lasted for a few short years, why not make it better than it was to start with. That's why we use Adventech flooring. With a 500 day weather guarantee, it is sure to last for years to come, bringing peace of mind while you camp.
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